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July 21 2005 Latest News:

Initial Account:
Hot4Gold is currently preparing for the majority of its investments to reach maturity. Close to half of the returns have been allocated to working capital and have been diversified back into investments. Around 50% are allocated to long term and the balance are in for shorter runs. Approximately 25% of the initial returns have been allocated to a separate account as reserve.The balance of the initial returns were distributed to the initial investors based on the obvious.

Our latest script is being written as I type this. A very sleek HYIP advertising sub routine, a very inventive and ground breaking referral sharing sub routine, a profit sharing sub that adds value to member credits with each and every transaction, a product/download area for original bands to showcase/sell their music. Our scripter has been writing code almost daily since 1969. Real easy to talk to guy though with a real grasp of production reality instead of engineering fantasy. I will keep you posted here.

1- Venture Capital:
Based on the reserve amount, Hot4Gold will accept a specific amount of venture capital from a limited number of private individuals. The cap on the venture capital accepted will be 10% less than the reserve amount.

2- Returns:
The returns are fixed at a non-compounding 7% of the total vested capital weekly.

3- Venture "Stock":
There will be 3% (the difference between vested and reserve) placed into a compounding account that will have little if any relation to the venture account based on where they will be invested. Every 90 calendar days this account will split. Upon the 90 day maturity the venture "stock", half of the total amount will be divided among the individual account holders based on the amount of venture capital in each individuals account. The other half will either remain in current investments or be placed elsewhere based on the available options at that time.


Capital Stock:
Function: noun
1 : the outstanding shares of a joint-stock company considered as an aggregate
3 : the ownership element of a corporation divided into shares and represented by certificates

Function: noun
Etymology: French or Italian; French, from Italian capitale, from capitale, adjective, chief, principal, from Latin capitalis 1 a (1) : a stock of accumulated goods especially at a specified time and in contrast to income received during a specified period; also : the value of these accumulated goods (2) : accumulated goods devoted to the production of other goods (3) : accumulated possessions calculated to bring in income b (1) : net worth (2) : CAPITAL STOCK c : persons holding capital d : ADVANTAGE, GAIN (make capital of the situation) 2 [2capital] a : a capital letter; especially : an initial capital letter b : a letter belonging to a style of alphabet modeled on the style customarily used in inscriptions 3 [2capital] a : a city serving as a seat of government b : a city preeminent in some special activity (the fashion capital)

Function: adjective
1 : fully and unconditionally guaranteed as a legal right, benefit, or privilege (the vested benefits of the pension plan) 2 : having a vest (a vested suit) Working Capital
Function: noun
Capital actively turned over in or available for use in the course of business activity: a : the excess of current assets over current liabilities b : all capital of a business except that invested in capital assets

Venture Capital
Function: noun
: capital (as retained corporate earnings or individual savings) invested or available for investment in the ownership element of new or fresh enterprise -- called also risk capital

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